I am honored to have the support of these important organizations:

AFL-CIO (American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations)

“The freedom of working people to join together through their union is under attack. This requires strong leadership from elected representatives, who recognize that unions improve the lives of not only their members but raise the standard of living of all working people. We are confident that you share that belief and will stand with us in the fight to strengthen and build new ladders to the middle class.

UAW (united automobile, aerospace & agricultural implement workers of america)

The Region 9A UAW NY Area CAP Council represents approximately 80,000 active and retired UAW members and their families throughout New York. “We believe you are the best choice to represent the interest of working families all over this great state.”

NYSUT (New york state united teachers)

“Candidates who earned NYSUT’s endorsement… have demonstrated a willingness to stand shoulder to shoulder with educators to fight for better public schools, colleges and hospitals. We are proud to support them and will work hard to get them elected.

NYLCV (New York League of Conservation Voters)

“When New Yorkers go to the polls, they count on NYLCV to recommend the candidate most likely to be an environmental leader.

Moms demand action

National institute for reproductive health

Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood… will be supporting state candidates in 2018 who believe in access to health care and [women’s] right to control [their] own bodies. We are fighting to make sure everyone gets the health care they want and need, without politicians controlling when, why or how.”

PEF (Public Employees Federation)

“We know that you appreciate the work performed by public employees. You also understand the needs of working men and women. We look forward to working with you in the New York State Assembly.”