Answering the call to service  

Make health care more affordable

  • Hudson Valley families deserve a health care system that works. Matt will ensure that health care in NY is affordable and accessible. No one should be denied coverage or be forced into bankruptcy because they get sick.

Government we can trust

  • Corruption and dishonesty are making it hard to trust our government. Matt brings fresh ideas and a new voice -- exactly what we need. He'll make sure politicians who abuse their power are held accountable.

Boost the local economy

  • Working families work harder every day just to get by. Matt says it's time Albany puts the needs of people before those of the wealthy and powerful.  In the Assembly, Matt will level the playing field to ensure more is invested here at home to develop good-paying jobs with benefits. 

Strengthen our schools, lower taxes

  • Matt's a homeowner and property taxpayer. He wants our communities to have good schools. He'll fight for more state aid so our children get the education they deserve while keeping property taxes in check.